A platform to give the desired push to the budding entrepreneurs around the state, Maharashtra Startup Week 2019 concluded after its five days run and with winners across different sectors.

The event wrapped up with several winners around seven sectors, out of which, Minkville’s ‘MissCall Pay’ stood as a winner in the FinTech segment.

Organised by the Maharashtra State Innovation Society (MSInS), the Maharashtra Startup Week is the means for startups to scale their ventures with direct help from the Government directly.

Miitesh adressing the crowd with a speech

The second edition of this bi-annually held event took place between January 28 to February 1. The selected winners came from seven sectors, namely: cleantech, agriculture, governance, healthcare, skilling and education fintech, infrastructure and waste management besides other miscellaneous categories.

The event was successful in gathering an initial pool of over 3,200 applicants, out of which, the event rounded up with 24 finalists. The winners of the event were entitled to secure work orders up to the sum of INR 15 Lakh each, allowing the winners to demonstrate their PoCs (proofs of concept).

Out of the 24 finalists, Minkville’s MissCallPay was crowned as the winner under the Fintech category, among the two finalists at a grand ceremony. The startup was recognized for its unique approach that would bridge the gap of digital payments and help illiterates, tribals, and other backward parts of the society to join hands with digitization and go cashless without internet.

Thakkerr showcasing the recently acquired certification

Later, following the latter part of the event, the Maharashtra State Innovation Society hosted the final part of the conference of the Indian iteration of the Global Innovation Policy Accelerator (GIPA).

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